A labyrinth is a tool to quiet your mind and open your heart. A labyrinth also serves to ground the body as you mindfully walk or trace the path.

A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze has many paths, entrances and exits, dead ends, and is meant to trick or fool you. A labyrinth is one single, circuitous path, it is easy to follow and the path you follow to the center is the same path you follow to exit the labyrinth. A labyrinth is meant to help you find yourself.

Walking a labyrinth is a simple meditative act that can help you to remember, release, receive, and return… (Other words for return are also reflect, reclaim, renew, based on what resonates with you.)

There are several ways to engage with a labyrinth. You can physically walk a labyrinth or you can trace a labyrinth. Labyrinths can be found indoors or outdoors, in private or public settings. Handheld, or finger labyrinths, can be purchased, printed from PDFs, or created for tracing with your finger or a stylus.

At 7 Notes Natural Health, we have two 9-foot portable labyrinths and one 18-foot portable labyrinth. These can be set up for walking in our space in Ann Arbor, or brought to your home, school, church, office, workshop, etc. Contact Rob for more information about hosting a labyrinth walk for your family, friends, or colleagues.

We are also very pleased to partner with Webster United Church of Christ in Dexter, Michigan to hold events at the Labyrinth at Webster UCC. Please see our events page for information about labyrinth walks and events at the 7 Notes or the Labyrinth at Webster UCC.

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